Bible Studies for In Depth Learning

The bible might seem like a huge undertaking and even confusing at times. Here at Sunrise Marian, we offer bible studies that break down a few of the books in the Bible like Matthew and First Corinthians for a deeper understanding. We also have a quick overview of the Bible from a Catholic perspective that serves as an intro before beginning a Catholic bible study. Our Bible Timeline guides you through every period in the whole bible. You’ll learn about the events, people, and places that helped form our faith.

Dive deeper into the bible with bible studies from


Foundational Bible Studies

Great Adventure Bible Timeline Study
Matthew Bible Study Program
Acts Bible Study Program

A Brief Overview of the Bible

A Quick Journey Through the Bible

Ongoing Bible Studies

Ephesians Bible Study
Revelation Bible Study
Exodus Bible Study
First Corinthians Bible Study
James Bible Study
Psalms Bible Study