Our Lady of Good Success: History, Miracles, Prophecies (DVD)


Our Lady of Good Success: History, Miracles, Prophecies (DVD)

by Matthew Arnold      Product Code:LGS-DVD
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Shot on location in Los Angeles and Quito, Ecuador, our original documentary features exclusive and informative interviews with accepted authorities on Our Lady of Good Success. You'll discover the many prophecies of Our Lady for our times and the fascinating story of her miraculous statue. Plus, you'll get a rare glimpse inside the cloister, including a Traditional Latin Mass celebrated on the altar containing the incorrupt remains of Venerable Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres, and an exclusive interview with the Conceptionist convent's erstwhile Mother Abbess.

Approved by the Church since 1611, Our Lady herself predicted this amazing devotion would not be widely known until our times. Included in this Remarkable Presentation: What is the true meaning of "Good Success"; why thousands gather for the yearly "Rosary of the Dawn"; how the Statue of Our Lady of Good Success was miraculously completed by three Archangels and Saint Francis of Assisi; how Our Lady prophesied about many important matters that pertain explicitly to our times; why this amazing devotion is only becoming widely known after three centuries of mysterious silence; the miracles of Our Lady of Good Success that have protected Ecuador and the Conceptionist Convent; how this devotion has been approved by the Church since its very inception; Our Lady's promise to those who invoke her under this this title; how all of Our Lady's prophecies to Venerable Mother Mariana have been fulfilled - except one; and much more!

Running time: 50 minutes.


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