Fire & Sword: The Crusades (DVD)

Fire & Sword: The Crusades (DVD)

Fire & Sword: The Crusades (DVD)

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Featuring Matthew Arnold, Edmund J. Mazza, Ph.D. and Jesse Romero

The story of the Christian Crusades to the Holy Land is one of the most fascinating of medieval history - and raises many serious questions today.

Were the Crusades justified? How can Holy War be reconciled with the teachings of Christ? And are the Crusades really responsible for modern Muslim resentment of the west?

In this all-new DVD presentation, Matthew Arnold reveals the causes and the consequences of this remarkable medieval movement as he dispels the myths and misconceptions to uncover the truth about the extraordinary events we call the Crusades.

Also featuring Matthew's Special Guests: professor of history, Edmund J. Mazza, Ph.D. and popular evangelist and Catholic radio host, Jesse Romero, M.A.


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