Fulfilled: Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism (Part One)

Fulfilled: Part One, Starter Pack. Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism
Fulfilled Starter Pack

Have you ever been unable to explain the “why” of Catholic beliefs? Have you ever wondered why the Old Testament sounds so different from the New Testament? In the Old Testament, God began building a plan and laying a foundation for the beautiful traditions of the Catholic Faith. That plan was fulfilled by Jesus in the New Testament.

Fulfilled: Uncovering the Biblical Foundations of Catholicism is an apologetic approach to sharing the Catholic Faith using the Old Testament Tabernacle as a blueprint for God’s plan. While it is designed as a faith-sharing Scripture study, you will also gain an understanding of some of the most questioned Catholic teachings. Fulfilled will reignite your love of Scripture and help you share and defend the Catholic Faith with the Word of God.

Part One focuses on the elements found in the outer sanctuary of the Tabernacle and how they connect to the liturgical calendar, the priesthood, purgatory, baptism, and more. Part Two (Coming Soon in 2018) focuses on the elements found in the inner sanctuary of the Tabernacle and how they connect to the Magisterium, the Eucharist, incense, Mary, and more.

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REQUIEM by The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter CD

Requiem cdThe Fraternity (FSSP) is an international community considered one of the top specialists in Gregorian Chant around the world. While listening to the peaceful and mystical chant inside of this CD – be transported throughout ancient history to all regions of the world with this beautiful and unique presentation of Requiem from The Fraternity… With the exceptional art form of Gregorian chant, this recording has a spiritual quality. With an ethos reflecting a time of sadness, representing that period of mourning inherent in the Requiem, this recording also simultaneously inspires a certain hope, a calmness and prayer, arresting a glorious balance through the gift of poetic song. This unique recording contains twenty unique tracks of sublime treasures, mostly Gregorian chant, and the album concludes with polyphonic motets striking just the right ending accent.

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The Prophets Starter Pack by Thomas Smith and Sarah Christmyer

Author(s): ThoThe Prophets Messengers of God's Mercymas Smith and Sarah Christmyer

The Prophets Starter Pack includes the 5-DVD Set (ten, 30-min. sessions in which Thomas Smith provides expert commentary on the biblical prophets) and the Study Set. A Study Set is essential for each participant. It includes engaging study questions (with lesson summaries, home reading assignments, talk outlines, charts, diagrams, and more) and a set of suggested “Responses,” which are needed for home preparation, small group discussion, and lesson reviews. Study Questions (with lesson summaries, home reading assignments, talk outlines, charts, diagrams, and more) Suggested Responses (for lesson review) Study Binder 5-DVD Set (ten, 30-min. sessions)

God is Calling you to a Deeper Relationship With Him Through the Teachings of the Prophets. The Prophets: Messengers of God’s Mercy 10 – Part Study Throughout the year in the mass, we are visited by the prophets. Persecuted and mysterious, they affect the insurmountable and comfort the afflicted, calling us to return to our relationship with God. The prophets Messengers of God’s Mercy explains who the prophets were, what their message was, and how to apply the lessons of the prophets to your daily life which will affect powerful changes in your life. The Jewish prophets in the old testament are individuals who have been contacted by messengers from God, usually in the form of an angel, and speaks for them serving as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from the supernatural entity to other people. The message that the prophet conveys is called a prophecy. God in His great mercy has always sent humanity prophets when they went wayward. When they married out of the Faith and married pagans or worshipped foriegn idols. We know that this study will help you understand humanity and its shortcomings and how God always comes to rescue us.He is so mercyful and loving. Thank you Lord for being our Abba.



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40 The Most Important Human Rights Issue of Our Time

One of the most compelling pro-life documentaries ever produced! 40 features inspiring stories and deeply personal interviews with many of the biggest names in the Pro-Life movement, such as: Lila Rose, the President of Live Action; Abby Johnson, Former Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Director and Founder of “And Then There Were None;” Rebecca Kiessling, Pro-life Speaker and Conceived in Rape; Jeanne Monahan, President of March for Life Education and Defense Fund; Dr. Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro- Life Union; Ryan Bomberger, Founder of Radiance Foundation; Keith Mason, Co-founder of Personhood USA; Joe Scheidler, Founder of the Pro-Life Action League; David Bereit, National Director of 40 Days for Life, and many more!

40 The Most Important Human Rights Issue

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Catholicism New Evangelization

The Catholicism: The New Evangelization Leaders kit contains the following items:

1. The 90-minute Catholicism: The New Evangelization DVD. It will also include additional DVDs with four hours of extra features including two of Fr. Barron speeches from Australia and full interviews and insights on the New Evangelization with George Weigel, Ross Douthat, Brad Gregory, and Brandon Vogt.

2. The companion Leader’s Study Guide and Workbook written by Brandon Vogt, under the direction of Fr. Barron. Brandon is author of “The Church and the New Media” and a well-known Catholic blogger and advocate of the Church’s evangelization efforts via the new media.

The study program can be presented in six sessions (90 minutes each). Each DVD segment is 15-30 minutes long, leaving 60+ minutes for small group discussion

3. A set of 40 prayer cards for the New Evangelization for prayer during each study session or for promotional hand-outs

The CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization Leader’s Kit will further advance the mission of the Church to proclaim the Gospel and invite people to know Christ in his Church, and enjoy the gift of full and abundant life in Christ. It is comprehensive and faithful, appropriate for:
•Adult lay formation
•Training adult catechists
•Diaconate and other ministerial training
•Mature high school or college/university coursework

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Chosen DVD Set, Your Journey Towards Confirmation

Chosen is a Catholic Confirmation sacramental prep program. The Chosen DVD Set, featuring some of the top youth experts in the Church today, is targeted towards 8-10th grade teens. This program seeks to win over the hearts of teens at this critical time in their lives and to offer them a life-changing experience that will keep them firmly planted in the faith community of the Church.

Chosen DVD

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Pillar II: Sacraments, DVD Set

This twelve-part DVD Series explores the second Pillar of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sacraments. Not only will you learn about the power and purpose of the sacraments, you’ll also discover how these fonts of inexhaustible grace can transform your life, providing strength, healing, and hope. Each 45 minute presentation is designed to accompany a lesson in Pillar II: Sacraments Study Set and Leader’s Binder, which contain the essential reading assignments, questions, suggested responses, and additional material for the study.

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Theology of the Body for Teens Student Workbook

Theology of the Body for teens Student Workbook
by Brian Butler, Jason & Crystalina Evert

The Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition Student Workbook presents the revolutionary teachings of Blessed John Paul II to teens in a way that is relevant, easy-to-follow, and entertaining. It follows the 12 segments presented in the Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition DVD Set and Leader’s Guide. Each participant of the program should have a Student Workbook.

The Theology of the Body for Teens: High School Edition Student Workbook Includes:

Lesson Overviews
Suggested Prayers
Story Starter Activities
Comprehension & Discussion Questions
Bridging the Gap Material (Relates Lesson to Teens)
Words of Wisdom
Live It Out Sections (Applies the Lesson to Teens)

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Divine Mercy Image Standard Gold Frame (Skemp)

Divine Mery Image
Divine Mercy Image

Divine Mercy Image (Skemp)with a standard gold frame

One of the most beloved images of the Divine mercy, this modern depiction by Robert Skemp comes as a fine art print in an attractive gold solid wood frame under non-glare glass. The larger sizes of this image are available as archival-quality giclée canvases in ornate gold frames. Handcrafted in Steubenville, Ohio, this touching devotional piece is sure to be treasured for years to come! ~Sizes listed are for the print/glass only~

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Galatians: Set Free to Live, Starter Pack

Paul’s letter to the Galatians speaks directly to the heart of Christians and addresses the most important question we can ask: “What must we do to be saved?” This fascinating letter reveals the merciful love that God the Father has for us, his children. It speaks of the extraordinary gift of salvation that Jesus has won for us, and it explains how we can unite ourselves to Christ’s redeeming sacrifice through faith and love. Galatians is a study that will reignite your love for God as you learn of the astonishing love God has for you.

by Jeff Cavins and Gayle Somers


This Starter Pack contains everything a leader needs to begin the Galatians: Set Free to Live Study, including:
4 DVD Set (Eight, 50 min. sessions)
Study Set (Binder with study notes, questions & responses)

Each participant of the Study should have their own Study Set.



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