Way of the Cross - Benedict XVI

Way of the Cross - Benedict XVI

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Pray through the mystery of salvation with our new pope, Benedict XVI!

Experience for yourself the Way of the Cross that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger—now Pope Benedict XVI—wrote for this time-honored devotion held on Good Friday at Rome’s Colosseum.

Curiosity regarding Benedict’s spiritual writings has sparked worldwide interest in these meditations and prayers that highlight the new pope’s personal prayer life, as well as his vision for the future of the Church.

Beautifully illustrated with 14 full-color art pieces by Dutch Symbolist painter Jan Toorop from the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Netherlands.

“Grant that my Way of the Cross may not be just a moment of passing piety. Free us from the fear of the Cross, from the fear of mockery, from the fear that our life may escape our grasp unless we cling possessively to everything it has to offer. Help us not to take life, but to give it.”
— Benedict XVI, Way of the Cross
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