The Resurrection

The Resurrection

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The Resurrection: A Criminal Investigation is the natural sequel to The Passion of the Christ.

This book replaces the episodic miracles, parables, and sayings of Jesus Christ with a narrative full of real-life exchanges between the familiar figures of Christianity and Judaism in the first century. If Jesus was innocent, why was he executed, and who engineered that murder? How can the strange behavior of Pontius Pilate be explained? Was Jesus a fraud, a trickster, or a true miracle maker? Was his body stolen from the tomb, or did he rise from the dead? Was Christianity founded on a big lie, or on reality? If real, how can it be explained? The findings of an exhaustive investigation must be placed before the Emperor. What will he decide? And what of Quintus after his report. The suspense-laden inquiry will keep the reader enthralled in this centuries-old mystery.

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