The Eucharist: Only a Symbolic Reminder of Christ?

The Eucharist: Only a Symbolic Reminder of Christ?

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Is the Holy Eucharist REALLY the Body and Blood of Christ, as the Church has taught for 2,000 years, or do we receive only a symbolic reminder of Jesus at the Last Supper? Statisticians claim that a large percentage of Catholics have lost the true meaning of Holy Communion and demonstrate their unbelief by neglecting to genuflect in the presence of Christ, or by talking in Church as if it were a social hall. Our author has gone to the heart of the matter and has shown conclusively that this is the GREAT sacrament that nourishes every life that was recreated in the sacrament of baptism - making the receiver true blood brothers and sisters of Christ by sharing intimately in His very Divine nature. Color photos show Padre Pio in ecstasy as he celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Beautifully written and thoroughly convincing. A great gift item for those who may be weak in faith or poorly instructed.

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