Angelic Light: Music From Eastern Cathedrals (CD)

Angelic Light: Music From Eastern Cathedrals (CD)

By Cappella Romana
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Track List:
  1. As many of you as have been baptized
  2. O great and most sacred Pascha
  3. Cherubic Hymn (Mode Plagal IV)
  4. Communion Verse for Sundays
  5. Cherubic Hymn
  6. Great Entrance and Communion Hymn for Holy Thursday (Mode Plagal IV)
  7. Communion Verse for Sundays (Mode Plagal I)
  8. Now the Powers of Heaven
  9. Cherubic Hymn (Special Melody: The thief beheld)
  10. Let all mortal flesh
  11. Megalynarion for Christmas (from Three Christmas Hymns)
  12. Ikos Six, from the Akathistos Hymn
  13. Kontakion of the Mother of God (Mode Plagal IV)
  14. O Tebe raduyetsya
  15. What Shall We Call You
  16. Cherubic Hymn (in Greek, Mode Plagal IV)

Experience the otherworldly sounds of Byzantine chant and choral works in the Eastern Orthodox tradition, from ancient hymns from Constantinople to new choral works inspired by that tradition performed by Cappella Romana.

Cappella Romana is one of the Pacific Northwest’s few professional chamber vocal ensembles. It has a special commitment to mastering the Slavic and Byzantine repertories in their original languages, thereby making accessible to the general public two great musical traditions that are little known in the West.

The selections of "Angelic Light: Music from Eastern Cathedrals" feature both liturgical and para-liturgical works, seamlessly moving from ancient chant melodies to compositions by some of the world's most notable composers working in the tradition today including Rev. Dr. Ivan Moody, Peter Michaelides and Tikey Zes.

Song selection and sequence from Ellen Holmes (producer of the Hearts of Space Records' Sacred Treasures series)


"The tracks on this recording are drawn from the many CDs released by Cappella Romana, now recognized as among the top performers of Byzantine chant, particularly of medieval chant as originally arranged. The ensemble is composed of a wonderful balance of male and female voices, who not only perform Byzantine chant (and other chant forms, for that matter!) in authentic fashion as they were originally arranged, but produce a glorious and balanced sound as only a mixed ensemble can.  This recording is thematically and tonally wonderful--that is to say, that while the hymns are from a mix of feasts and the regular liturgical cycle, they all work together to convey that "angelic light," and they do so in a manner wherein they all fit together sonically--making the listening experience transcendent. The recording flows, almost seamlessly, and that is a testament to the hymn selection by Ellen Holmes.  Listen to it: you will be uplifted, you will be inspired!"

- Ben Williams,

"For casual listeners, this album is an accessible introduction to the majesties of this sacred choral ensemble.  It is the ideal accompaniment to a peaceful time of contemplation – perhaps during the drive to church.

For connoisseurs, it is the apotheosis of church music in both Eastern and Western styles.

...Cappella Romana is a lighthouse on the horizon of sacred choral ensembles, and “Angelic Light” is a magnificent and timely compilation of their greatest recordings."

Paul Graham Yates, Principal
Chilliwack Academy of Music

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