Sacro Song 3: The Completion of the Trilogy - CD

Sacro Song 3: The Completion of the Trilogy - CD

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Artist: Fr. Stan Fortuna, CFR

The much-loved Franciscan priest's latest Catholic rap CD.
Track Listings
01 Ave Maria
02 Ain't No Party Dialogue
03 Ain't No Party
04 Got The Mike On?
05 Jesus Talks
06 Daddy Wound
07 The Great One
08 World F.A.M.I.L.Y.
09 Ima Do Me
10 B 16 Bomber
11 Ya Ya Groove
12 Hangin In There Dialogue
13 Hangin In There
14 KW
15 Peace Shout Out
16 Bach me up
17 Mezcia
18 I'm Lovin You
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