Janelle: Livin' for Something (CD)

Janelle: Livin' for Something (CD)

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Since the release of "New Day", Janelle has spent 3 years developing her artistic expression through singing, songwriting and performing for crowds around the world. "Livin' for Something" explodes with intense pop rock grooves, high energy vocals and songs beggin' you for more after a single listen! This album is sure to connect with youth around the globe as it deals with everyday life and faith issues that arise deep within the human soul.

Listeners will get an intimate glimpse at Janelle's life with the self-penned ballad, "Dying to Be With You", explaining her journey as cancer slowly takes her aunt's life. Other songs include the hit singles "Believe" and "I'll Be".

It's Janelle's long awaited 2nd full length release. It was definitely worth the wait!
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