Matthew: The King and His Kingdom 12 DVD Set

Matthew: The King and His Kingdom 12 DVD Set

By Jeff Cavins
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You've Got the Big Picture, Now Dive Into the Story.

Matthew: The King and His Kingdom is the second step in the Great Adventure program is to focus on Jesus Christ and His glorious plan for His Body, the Church. This 24-week Bible study with Jeff Cavins focuses on Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Testament promises and on his establishment of the Church as the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

Take a journey through the Gospel of Matthew with Jeff Cavins as your personal teacher and guide. Discover the riches and beauty hidden in the pages of this "first" gospel. Explore deeply Matthew's account of the Annunciation and Birth of Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus' miracles, and the Passion.

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ratingratingratingratingratingNumber of Raters: 1   05/13/2015
We used this series for a 24-week study of the Gospel of Matthew in our parish. We found that our Bible study participants thoroughly enjoyed the series. Reviewer: Kenneth Reid [Thunder Bay, ON]
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