Epic: The Early Church, CD Set

Epic: The Early Church, CD Set

By Steve Weidenkopf & Dr. Alan Schreck
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This 10-part CD Series provides a powerful and engaging experience for students as they journey through the origins of our Catholic faith. When used in conjunction with the Epic: The Early Church Study Set, these dynamic presentations by Church history professor Steve Weidenkopf deliver an compelling and inspiring learning experience that is sure to draw students both closer to Christ and closer to His Church! Each 45-50 minute presentation is designed to accompany a lesson in the Epic: The Early Church Study Set.

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ratingratingratingratingratingNumber of Raters: 1   05/27/2015
"I bought this set so I could listen to it in the car when I'm on my way back and forth from work, usually caught in rush-hour traffic. I've learned so much and found the experience enhanced by watching films and shows based around this time period. Reviewer: Yulia Kuzan [Toronto, ON]
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