The Living Stations of the Cross Cd

The Living Stations of the Cross Cd

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In the Living Stations of the Cross Cd you will go on a journey with Jesus from His agony in the Garden to His walk towards Calvary. Eighteen gifted actors give eye-witenss accounts of what it was like to be at our Savior's Passion; What they learned and how it affected them on a deeply personal level. You'll hear from: Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathea, Martha and Mary, Nicodemus, Pontius Pilate, and many more. In between scenes/stations is beautifully delivered narration and heartfelt original music that dramatically enhance the overall listening experience.

Spiritually inspiring, emotionally compelling, and powerfully challenging, "The Living Stations of the Cross" will profoundly move your soul,... and comfort your heart, mind, and spirit.

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