Last Words: Final Thoughts of Catholic Saints & Sinners

Last Words: Final Thoughts of Catholic Saints & Sinners

By Paul Thigpen
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Product Description

Author: Paul Thigpen.

The last words of the dying have long captured the popular imagination. Why this abiding interest in exit lines? Perhaps because these final words—spoken in hope or fear, joy or sorrow—provide a view from the border between this world and the next.

As this provocative and sometimes amusing collection illustrates, those who have gone before leave us with much more than helpful epigrams or witticisms. Paul Thigpen points out that their final words can actually "point us to fundamental realities—to the very heart of God." Even those sinners and strays who failed to live their faith may reveal much about the final shape of things to come.

From comforting to sobering, these selections provide food for thought regarding the nature of Christian hope and the promise of eternal life.

Softcover, 194 pages.

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