The Triumph of Gods Kingdom in the Millenium and End Times

The Triumph of Gods Kingdom in the Millenium and End Times

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There has been so much confusion and misinformation spread about the Millennium years that most Christians are confused if not bewildered. No matter what you have read up till now, there is nothing else like this book in existence.

Will there be a merciful chastisement? Yes. Will the Antichrist, a physical man, be defeated? Yes. Will there be a "peaceable kingdom on earth"? Yes, but it will not have Christ in the flesh as its physical ruler. Will Christ come again in the flesh to pronounce the final judgment? Yes, but at the end of this temporal kingdom after the final coming of Satan.

After you read this remarkable work of scholarship, you will see the finger of the Holy Spirit upon it, and your confusion will be lifted.

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