The Tide is Turning toward Catholicism

The Tide is Turning toward Catholicism

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It's time to turn the page. It's time for a breath of fresh air. It's time to spread the word that the tide is turning toward Catholicism.

The media can make it seem like times have never been worse for Catholicism, but nothing is further from the truth. Good news is everywhere, and we find it in the inumerable positive developments happening right now in the Catholic Church.

Vocations around the world? Increasing.

The culture? Faithful Catholics, actors, sports stars, and average lay people are making their mark by standing up for life, the poor, and the Church.

The young? Their fidelity to and love for the Church and the Holy Father have undergone a profound resurgence in recent years.

These and many more heartening developments are taking place. If you or someone you know feels uncertain about the Church's future, then this book will offer hope.

Catch the wave! The tide is turning.

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