Pillar and Bulwark Paperback

Pillar and Bulwark Paperback

By Marcus Grodi
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After nearly losing his life to an assassin, Stephen LaPointe resigned from his pastorate as a Congregational minister. He made this radical decision as the result of a crisis of truth. This decision had many immediate ramifications for his vocation, his career, and most significantly for his marriage and family. Now a year later, no one knows where he is. He has disappeared. Out of love, as well as remorse, several peopleテや蚤n old friend, his estranged wife, and a potential enemyテや敗et out separately to find him. This is a story of conversionテや俳f heart, of mind, and of love.

テや廴arcus Grodi weaves the web of story with consummate skill and interweaves the threads of theology with seemingly seamless ease. His new novel warms the heart, informs the head and invigorates the spirit.テや
テやJoseph Pearce, author
Literary Converts and Tolkien: Man and Myth, A Literary Life

テや廩ere is a story that is full of life even though it starts in a graveyard. It captures the mindset of a huge cross-section of America that gets swept away by apocalyptic and anti-Catholic hysteria. And yet the book offers its lessons gently and warmly. You will understand why anyone who sits down with Marcus Grodi immediately feels comfortable.テや
テやDale Ahlquist, president, American Chesterton Society; author
G.K. Chesterton: Apostle of Common Sense

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