Under A Changing Moon OUT OF PRINT

Under A Changing Moon OUT OF PRINT

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This book is out of print.
Seventeen year-old Paula has just left behind convent boarding school a quiet, peaceful place full of prayer, contemplation, and other girls her age to go home. She hasn't been back to the family courthouse home for more than two years, and isn't quite prepared for her five rambunctious brothers, two eccentric maiden aunts, bibliophile uncle, and eighty-nine year old Babbett, not to mention the demands laid on her by energetic Mama. How can she cope with the mess of it all? There is barely time to think each day. Her father, Judge Eisenberth, at first seems to be the only one who understands her frustration. Even Adolf, her favorite brother, cannot fathom why she longs to go back to the convent and become a nun. Paula and Adolf, who is going through his own trials must face her problems and learn how to deal with everyday dilemmas as a part of the growing up process.

320 pages. Paperback.



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