The Flying Ensign: Greencoats Against Napoleon (O/P)

The Flying Ensign: Greencoats Against Napoleon (O/P)

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Currently out of print!
Author: Showell Styles.

Two books in one: The Flying Ensign and Byrd of the 95th!

Britain's challenge to mighty Napoleon, who has taken over Europe and now seeks to subdue Spain, provides the background for the two complete books in this volume.

In The Flying Ensign, a small British army under Sir John Moore, in the winter of 1808, makes an audacious strike through the rugged mountains of Leon. Into this factual historical scenario, enthralling in itself, author Showell Styles places the captivating fictional character of Ensign Peter Byrd. Joined by various and colorful companions, Ensign Byrd, a youthful mountaineer from Cumberland on his first military campaign with the Fighting 95th, proves his mettle as an innovative thinker and leader.

The next summer in Byrd of the 95th, an urgent plea from Anita, a Spanish damsel-patriot, and her father catapult Byrd once again into action and trouble. Issues of crucial military importance as well as questions of personal honor center on the nearly impregnable fortress, "El Cuchillo," where they reveal developing strength of character, awakening love, and all-round resourcefulness.

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