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Alvin Fernald Foreign Trader OUT OF PRINT

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Alvin Fernald’s “Magnificent Brain” has a life of its own. In fact, somehow or other it has come up with the winning grand prize recipe in a candy-making contest—and no one, including Alvin, can figure out quite how it happened. Now, as guests of the Kitchenmate Appliance Company, Alvin, his friend Shoie, and his sister Daphne (“The Pest”) take off for a whirlwind tour of Europe. Having just come to the edge of flunking a class in economics (Magnificent Brain, where were you?), Alvin is about to be given a practical—and perilous—lesson in international trade. Mystery, ingenuity—and, well bicycles—hilariously collide in this next book about Alvin by the former editor of Popular Mechanics Magazine.

Softcover, 140 pages, ages 9-up.

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Alvin Fernald is not your ordinary eleven-year-old. His "Magnificent Brain," as he so modestly likes to call himself, gets him into one after another interesting escapade. In Alvin Fernald, Foreign Trader, his "Magnificent Brain" has done it again. This time Alvin, Shoie, and Alvin's sister Daphne have created a prize winning tasty concoction of Fernald's Fireballs. Together they have entered Kitchenmate Appliance Company's recipe contest and won the incredible prize of a summer vacation in Europe. When a mysterious Mr. X pops up causing trouble, they soon find out that there is more to the world of appliances than ovens, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Tangled in a web of industrial espionage, their trip to Europe becomes more exciting than they had anticipated, involving them in more than one hair raising incident. Awesome and funny, "Alvin Fernald Foreign Trader" is one you wouldn't want to miss. Perfect for children ages 10 and up. Reviewer: Dymphna

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