Alvin's Secret Code (out of print)

Alvin's Secret Code (out of print)

By Clifford B. Hicks
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The first story about Alvin, possessor of the Magnificent Brain, and Shoie, his sports-hero pal, is back in print! In Alvin's Secret Code, the two twelve-year-olds happen across a peculiar piece of paper in the gutter of a sidewalk. Yes, it's in code, and a tangled adventure begins, enlivened by Alvin's sister Daphne (The PestĀ), younger than he is but often wiser. Readers are invited to assist in untangling a century old mystery. They will suddenly find themselves engrossed in mastering the basics of cryptography, a highly useful art for solving and keeping secrets when threatening criminals show up. Join Alvin and Company for fun, mystery and adventure with authentic instruction in the art of code making and breaking.

Softcover, 150 pages, ages 9-up.
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