Strength of a Woman: Forgotten Heroines of the Bible, Sorry, Not available

Strength of a Woman: Forgotten Heroines of the Bible, Sorry, Not available

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Our world hungers for heroes, and this is especially true for women, particularly young women and teenagers. To meet this need comes this compilation of wonderfully told stories of heroic female figures from the Old and New Testaments, women who don't need last names, because their example still cries out to us down through the ages: Judith, Hannah, Esther, Susanna, Veronica, Our Lady, and many more.

In her first book, Amy LeBlanc vividly tells each woman's own story of faith in God and love for Him in a beautiful, engaging style. Through her genius for detail that makes each scene come alive, you will feel the breeze that Hannah felt on her face and experience the overwhelming joy in her heart as God answers her dearest wish. Every tale starts with a relevant Scripture quotation.

Ladies, in this hard-to-put-down series of reverent stories that reads like a novel, your search for authentic heroines is successful. You have now met them, seen through their eyes and felt through their heart. These heroic women move us closer to God, helping us experience a palpably real understanding of His workings among the women He loves.

Sit down with a cup of tea and draw near to our elder sisters in Faith, and enjoy!

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