Last Call (5 CDs)

Last Call (5 CDs)

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Product Description

Author: Tim Staples.

If you'd like to live a better Christian life, be stronger in the face of temptation, and prepare your soul for heaven, then it's crucial that you regularly meditate on the Four Last Things: death, judgement, heaven and hell.

The Church has long recommended the practice. Yet most people - including most Catholics - spend more time each day before a mirror than they do contemplating the fate of their immortal soul. They have fallen prey to what is sometimes said to be Satan's most effective weapon: the idea that there is no hurry.

For the sake of our soul - and the souls of our loved ones - we simply can't afford to be one of those Catholics. For as St. Francis de Sales says, "this only is certain, that die we must, and that for the most part sooner than we expect." In other words, you simply don't know when your sould will be "required" of you. Yet it's crucial that you be prepared whenever that day comes.

5 CD set.

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