How to Talk to Teens About Chastity (CD), Sorry Not available

How to Talk to Teens About Chastity (CD), Sorry Not available

By Jason Evert
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Product Description


How can parents guard the innocence of their children in today's sex-saturated culture?

In this audio CD set, noted chastity speaker Jason Evert shares the wisdom he has gained from speaking to more than one million teenagers across the globe. Listen as he presents an overview of positive and negative culture trends, explains why young men and women become promiscuous, and offers 10 powerful strategies that parents can use to prevent their teens from falling into sexual sin - or to help them out of an unhealthy lifestyle. He also suggests effective communication techniques to open the hearts and minds of today's skeptical teenagers.

As a parent, you are the primary sex educator of your child. But few parents have ever been taught how to do this. Therefore, if you've ever felt alone, overwhelmed, or discouraged in your efforts to reach your child with the critical message of chastity, these CDs will equip you to become what you should be - the most powerful influence in the life of your teen.

2 CD set.



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