Saint Athanasius the Father of Orthodoxy (CD Audiobook)

Saint Athanasius the Father of Orthodoxy (CD Audiobook)

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Known as "The Father of Orthodoxy," Saint Athanasius was ready to face any danger and suffer every persecution for the sake of the truth. Even when a majority of bishops in the Church had succumbed to the errors of Arianism, he withstood false accusations, overcame conflicts with the Roman emperors, and suffered repeated exile from his own diocese rather than compromise the Catholic teaching that Christ is God. Now your whole family can enjoy the exciting tale of the man chosen by God to uphold the True Faith during the 4th century Arian heresy, a time of great crisis in the Church not unlike our own. 

As you listen, you will relive many amazing episodes from the saint's remarkable life; from his courageous stand at the Council of Nicea to his secret visits to the faithful in exile, and his hair-breadth escapes from the enemies of truth. Perfect for the home or in the car, order this exclusive audiobook today and treat your family to F. A. Forbes classic life story of this champion of Catholic Tradition. Includes two bonus tracks on the Athanasian Creed and the inspiring Letter of Saint Athanasius to His Flock. These bonus tracks provide a welcome source of encouragement in our own day, when, like Saint Athanasius, lovers of Catholic truth are often treated like outsiders in their own Church. 

Read by Matthew Arnold. 

1. A Foreshadowing 
2. Arius the Heresiarch 
3. The Great Council 
4. The Calm Before the Storm 
5. False Witnesses 
6. A Royal-Hearted Exile 
7. The Day of Rejoicing 
8. The Invisible Patriarch 
9. A Short-lived Peace 
10. The Last Exile 
11. The Truce of God

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