Biblezon Kids Catholic Tablet (Pink For Girls)

Biblezon Kids Catholic Tablet (Pink For Girls)

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The BibleZon Catholic Kids Tablet contains the following;

    66 Bible Stories
    50 Saint Stories
    Catechism for Kids (based on Baltimore Catechism)
    25 Christian Songs
    25 Animated Bible stories and Saints Videos
    50+ Coloring Activities
    50 Puzzle Games
    Bible order game
    25-word search gamesPictures of tablets here
    100+ Catholic Prayers
    Saints app with over 1000+ saints
    Liturgical Calendar with Saint of the day
    300+ Catholic words to memorize
    800+ Quizzes
    Rosary Guide
    Beatitudes with drag and drop activities
    Sacraments with drag and drop activities
    10 commandments with drag and drop activities
    Confession guide
    A Mass app explaining the Mass
    A Catholic appstore to download other Catholic apps and books

Every Day, Biblezon provides:

    Readings from Mass with reflections
    A Daily prayer
    Saint of the day
    Word of the day
    Quiz of the day
    Spiritual Exercises to strengthen their faith;
    Activities to engage them weekly

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