Friends in High Places (CD)

Friends in High Places (CD)

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In this six-CD set, passionate apologist Tim Staples takes a stand against non-Catholic notions about Catholic devotion to the saints. Referring again and again to Scripture, he shows that only a Catholic understanding of this topic is in line with the Bible.

Listen to these CDs to discover:

• Answers to the objection that Jesus is our one mediator
• The crucial distinction between prayer and worship
• Two excellent reasons to honor the saints — with support from Scripture
• Why and how the saints can hear our prayers — even the silent ones — without having divine power or omniscience
• Why Catholics pray before statues - the crucial biblical notion it fulfills

With Friends in High Places, you'll have the arguments and Scripture references you need to help others understand just how important the saints are, and why prayer to the saints should be a regular part of everyone's spiritual life.

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