CD - The Ugly Truth

CD - The Ugly Truth

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Two stories of lives full of struggle and despair that are turned around by the redeeming power of God's love for His children.
In his new Audio Set, The Ugly Truth, Matt Fradd interviews two former porn-industry insiders who reveal that “the business” is not the harmless pleasure-factory it’s portrayed to be.
April Garris grew up wanting to be a veterinarian, not a “porn star,” but after a lonely and abusive childhood she found herself unable to say no when her scheming husband wheedled her into filming a sex scene. Soon she was a regular performer in L.A.’s “Porn Valley,” along with countless girls like herself. The life had robbed April of everything: her purity, her family, and her dignity, before God’s grace broke through and rescued her.
A minister’s son, Donny Pauling had already rejected his Christian upbringing when he decided that he liked using porn and made a career out of it. Soon his websites were drawing millions of visitors and he was an in-demand film producer. Years of up-close porn exposure twisted his mind and stunted his ability to love, but the Holy Spirit would not be denied. Today Donny, like April, devotes his life to exposing the myths of the porn industry.
The Ugly Truth is an edifying listening: a sobering answer to porn’s lies and a powerful exhortation to pray for the many men and women caught within its snare.
Advisory: Due to the subject matter, this presentation is recommended for adult listeners only.

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