I Heard a Gentle Call (CD)

I Heard a Gentle Call (CD)

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Artist:Connie Salazar

Connie's first album. A compilation with a contemplative mood and a gentle spirit, evoking a prayerful and relaxing atmosphere. The album includes such songs as "How Beautiful", "Via Dolorosa", "Digo, Sí Señor", "Ave Maria" and the title track. Great for Bible Study and prayer groups!

1) How Beautiful
2) Where Shall I Go?
3) Search Me, O God
4) Digo, Sí Señor
5) I Heard A Gentle Call
6) Make Me More Like You
7) Holy, O Lord Most High
8) Breath Of Heaven
9) Spirit Of God
10) Dave's Song (Lord, You Are The Lord Of Light)
11) I Hear Your Voice
12) Magnificat
13) Compañeros de Cristo
14) Bread For The World Broken
15) Via Dolorosa
16) Ave Maria

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