How ™Affluenzaš Makes Your Child Vulnerable to Homosexuality (CD)

How ™Affluenzaš Makes Your Child Vulnerable to Homosexuality (CD)

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by Steve Wood

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According to the Knights of Columbus national survey, only 37% of 18- to 29-year old Catholics said that same-sex marriage was morally wrong. This is a crisis of historic proportions. There has never been anything like this in the entire history of the Catholic Church.

Steve Wood warns parents that things are going to get worse for young people living with the majority of their Catholic peers accepting homosexuality.

Catholic parents who are not taken in by the genetic cause of homosexual behavior are often blind-sided by thinking that homosexuality is only a deficit in sexual morality and chastity. In addition to a lack of chastity, there is a significant social environmental breeding ground for homosexuality. Steve Wood terms this harmful environment as “affluenza,” that is, a culture immersed in pleasure-seeking, comfort, excessive luxury, prosperous ease, with too much of everything.

Alert parents need to be aware of “affluenza” and its toxic effects upon children and young adults. This message is strongly recommended for all Catholic parents.

“A spoiled child is inclined toward a certain immaturity and moral weakness in future years because chastity is difficult to maintain if a person develops selfish or disordered habits.”

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