Life-Giving Love DVD

Life-Giving Love DVD

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The time has come for a natural sexual revolution that embraces the beauty and wonder of sex in its untainted, God-given fullness.

When the world talks about sex being “natural,” it’s usually a pretext for rejecting traditional morality. “It’s natural, so why can’t I sleep with my girlfriend?” “It’s natural, so why can’t I look at pornography?” But Evert says the people who say that are the least likely to discover truly natural sex: the act of total self-giving in which spouses become one flesh and open themselves to receiving God’s gift of life; the exchange of love pure and unrestrained in which the language of the body is freely spoken “without barriers, without chemicals, without laptops.”

Life-Giving Love is a great crash course in both the theology and biology of human sexuality, guaranteed to teach you something you didn’t know about God’s design for married love and procreation. And more than that: it’s an antidote to the anti-life mentality so prevalent in our age. Watch and learn how to combat the worldly lies that threaten married couples in body, heart, and spirit.

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