Family of Faith (Parish Leader Pack) Volume 1: The Profession of Faith

Family of Faith (Parish Leader Pack) Volume 1: The Profession of Faith

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Includes: parent’s guide, leader’s guide, children activity book, and license for DVD.

Research proves that a parent’s involvement in the Faith is the most important factor in forming children who develop into knowledgeable and practicing Catholics. And yet, too often Church programs are aimed exclusively at children, failing to provide parents with tools they need to support the teaching of the Faith and transform their home into a vibrant example of Catholic family life.

A Family of Faith Program provides parishes with a turnkey formation series that focuses first on catechizing the parents, and then equips them with easy-to-use tools for educating their children about Church teachings and the Catholic way of life. It can be used as an alternative to, or in addition to, traditional CCD programs.

The Program at a Glance

Participating parents gather independent of their children once per month for nine months of the year. At this meeting, parents learn about our Faith through engaging video presentations, thoughtful discussions, and ready-made activities. For the next two weeks, parents and children select from the bounty of corresponding lessons and varied activities in the parents’ guide and children’s workbooks to complete at home.

During the last week of each month, parents and children come together for a “community meeting.” At this meeting, children have a chance to show what they’ve learned over the last month, and families engage in activities ranging from picnics and feast day celebrations to prayer groups and adoration.

The end of each year is marked by a fun and exciting game designed to assess what families have learned, as well as a special parish celebration at which all families share the fruits of their activities over the year.

Detailed instructions are provided for each step of the way in the Leader’s Guide.

Leader’s Guide

The Parish Leader’s Guide is designed to be an inspiring aid to experienced parish catechists and a step-by-step guide for novice catechists. The Leader’s Guide includes a start-up guide for organizing and leading the program, trivia games and other ice breakers, sacred art reflection, and discussion questions and answers, PowerPoint presentations, 30-minute catechetical videos led by an engaging scholar for each adult meeting, detailed plans with games and activities for each community meeting, and instructions for integrating the program into the life of the parish. The Leader’s Guide also includes a program calendar, comprehensive to-do lists for each month, a funding worksheet, sample bulletin announcement, and much more.

Parent’s Guide

What parent in your parish hasn’t felt overwhelmed at the idea of teaching a faith they don’t fully understand? Each participating family will receive a Parent’s Guide that carefully walks them through the Catechism of the Catholic Church, leading them to overcome their insecurities and deepen their own understanding of what Catholics believe and how we celebrate and live out our Faith. We provide parents with talking points to help them convey these teachings to their children, as well as a bounty of easy and fun family activities and craft projects they can choose from to deepen among their children a love for Christ and His Church.

Parents will also learn simple ways you can begin integrating the Church’s liturgical seasons such as Lent and Advent into the life of their homes, helping to transform their families into a vibrant example of Catholic living.

Children’s Activity Books

The Children’s Activity Book features age-appropriate readings, games, coloring pages, and countless other activities that are proven to engage and entertain children all while instilling in them the richness and beauty of Catholicism, leading them to a profound encounter with Christ. The Activity Books also include monthly Scripture memorization, saint biographies, vocabulary flash cards, and much more. All activities are tied specifically to the content in the Parent’s Guide, and are marked with a recommended age level.

How it Works

The Family of Faith Program is a four-year program that covers one pillar of the Catechism per year. The Leader’s Guide, Parent’s Guide, and Children’s Activity Book are available in four volumes – one for each of the four years. Each volume is organized by month, and includes lessons for nine months of the year, beginning in September and ending in May.

In Volume One we explore the Creed and what we believe as Catholics. Subsequent volumes, which will be available in Summer 2017, will cover the remaining three sections of the Catechism, focusing on the sacraments, our life in Christ, and prayer. A supplement offering sacramental preparation will also be available in 2017.

Each year is self-contained, and so families may join at any time in the cycle. After a family has participated for four years, they will have studied and been formed in the whole teaching of the Catechism. They then repeat the cycle, and are increasingly prepared to explain and model our Faith to their children, who, now four years older, are ready to encounter these teachings at a more advanced level. A separate Leader’s Guide supplement will be available by 2020 providing guidance and inspiration for catechists with families who are repeating program years.

A parish seeking to implement The Family of Faith Program will need to purchase A Leader’s Guide, which includes accompanying videos for each meeting. Each participating family will need to purchase a Parent’s Guide, and a Children’s Activity Book for each child.

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