Restoring Marriage Today CD (Out of Print)

Restoring Marriage Today CD (Out of Print)

By Catholic Answers Speakers
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Marriage is fundamental to mankind.

The Supreme Court has declared that homosexual “marriage” is a human right. The once fervently Catholic people of Ireland have done the same. How did we get here? In short, contraception, divorce, cohabitation, and pornography have gnarled the institution of marriage. If we want to save our society—if we want to save souls—we need to save marriage.

We are all part of the solution.

This nine talk audio presentation gives you a front-row seat at the sold-out Catholic Answers 2016 Conference, Restoring Marriage Today, with full recordings of its major addresses:

• Dr. Ray Guarendi: Marriage: Small Steps, Big Rewards

• Fr. Larry Richards: Marriage: The Sacrament of Christ to Each Other

• Jimmy Akin: What God Has Joined Together

• Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse: Keeping the Family Together: Public Policies and Personal Strategies

• Trent Horn: Why Marriage Is a One-Flesh Union

• Fr. Paul Check: Marriage and the Year of Mercy

• Tim Staples: Christian Fatherhood: The Visible Witness

• Bishop James S. Wall: Pope Paul VI's Prophetic Encyclical Humanae Vitae

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