How to Serve The Latin Mass (Low Mass) Altar Serving Instruction

How to Serve The Latin Mass (Low Mass) Altar Serving Instruction

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An instructional video for those who wish to be altar servers at a Low Mass of the Latin Mass (the Extraordinary Use of the Latin Rite).

This is a helpful introduction for those who are new to the Extraordinary Use of the Latin Rite, as well as valuable training to those who attend it regularly. Featuring narration throughout the video as well as a section on learning names of Sacred Vessels and other objects used for Holy Mass.

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My next review will be on a DVD I bought from Sunrise Marian earlier, and its a amazing DVD. If boys and young men are interested in Altar Serving for Low Mass I recommended the DVD How to Serve the Latin Mass [ Low Mass ]. It is a 40 minute video presentation that is on DVD, and shows how to prepare the altar, the priest's vestments and the different tasks to do in the mass. The DVD provides a selection on naming Scared Vestments and other items used in the Holy Mass. There is also on the DVD is an Altar Card that servers can use to assist them at Mass with Latin responses. When Altar Servers feel confidant when doing the Low Mass they can become a Acolyte for the High Mass and work there way up to the different tasks. “How to Serve the Latin Mass” was filmed in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at the beautiful Holy Family Cathedral. The diocese of Tulsa has been honored for many years to have the Fraternity of St. Peter, a fraternity of priests instituted by Pope John Paul II, ordained to celebrate the Tridentine Latin Mass. Part of the proceeds of this video will go to support the Parish of St. Peter, an apostolate of the Fraternity of St. Peter located in Tulsa. I rate this DVD 10 out of 10 and highly recommended it for any parent who's son is interested in wanting to be a altar server for the mass of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. Keep up the good work Sunrise Marian.

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