Distributor Starter Kit - Enagic (Kangen Water)

Distributor Starter Kit - Enagic (Kangen Water)

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Enagic is pleased to announce it's NEW and EXCITING Starter Kit!

To Purchase go to www.enagicshop.ca/?c=products

Note this item costs $85.00 CAD in Canada & $85.00 USD in the USA. For more information, as this current website is just a blog, go to http://www.healthsuccesscenter.net/colina/

Everything you need to begin or delve deeper into the Enagic opportunity now in ONE place! The Enagic Starter Kit is a perfect fit for your new prospect OR your new distributor:

Kangen is a Japanese name which means "Return to God's Origin".

• New Prospect: Let the Starter Kit demonstrate to your potential client the quality and exciting opportunity that awaits them. In each kit, they'll find intriguing and informative information PLUS a one-time attendance ticket to ANY of Enagic's Certified Trainer one-day events!

• Existing/New Distributors: Start out Right! Start out Prepared! Start out aimed at success! The materials in the Enagic Starter Kit are aimed at getting the new distributor off to a Wonderful start!



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