Leveluk K8 Kangen Water Machine from Enagic, Serious Inquiries Only! call 1-289-820-6653.

Leveluk K8 Kangen Water Machine from Enagic, Serious Inquiries Only! call 1-289-820-6653.

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Serious Inquiries Only! call 1-289-820-6653.Note this item costs $5000.00 CAD in Canada & $4980.00 USD in the USA.  To purchase go to: http://1401994.kangendemo.com/

Find out why Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW)is a healthier, cleaner, and more eco-friendly alternative to regular overly Fluoridated and Chlorinated tap and plastic saturated bottled water. Are you tired of being sick and tired? How about this Next Level Hydration? You Are Not sick, you're are thirsty for our Electrolyzed–Reduced Water.

Super Cell Hydration isn’t only made on Glaciers! © Copyright.

The Leveluk Kangen 8 is new Mighty 8-Plate Anti–Oxidizer from Enagic. It is only about 5 inches wide by 11 inches tall, or 147 MM by 280 MM.It is only 13 lbs. The Leveluk K8 is by far the most powerful ISO 13485 - Proof of licensing of Medical Device - approved Anti Oxidant Water producing device in the world.It produces more free radical scavenging H2 than any other Anti-Oxidant producing Home Appliance in the world. Let this Kangen water, which is rich in H2 penetrate your cells, it will act like a magnet and attract free radicals and they will be neutralized instantaneously and then eliminated at the toilet. The Mayo Clinic recommends that we drink at least 1/2 our weight in ounces of water each day, our Leveluk K8 device produces the best water. Our results are amazing, but we legally can't guarantee anything.

Since 1974, Enagic's Japanese Water Ionizing Devices have produced the highest form of filtered, alkalized water. Enagic is an O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Kangen is a Patented Trademark name. Beware of imitators, who produce knock offs that can't clean out the mold that forms in their machines. Enagic has a patented process which makes it easy to do a manual monthly cleaning right in the comfort of your home. This is one of the reasons that our Kangen Ionizers has this distinction ISO 13485 - Proof of licensing of Medical Device. Choose quality, chose Enagic!

The Kangen 8 is now Enagic’s most powerful antioxidant compact home use machine, featuring 8 medical grade, platinum-dipped titanium plates! This additional electrode plate increases the electrolysis surface area, improves water ionization, and heightens the antioxidant production potentials.

It is possible to produce a good amount of electrolyzed water of which the ORP (oxidation reduction potential)of the water is included in the range of +1130 MV (Strong Acidic) and -800 MV (Strong Alkalized Water), and which boost of good effects, by loading an electrolytic cell with 8 electrode plates that use electrodes made of medical grade Platinum plated Titanium (depending on the choice of the resulting water and the original water).

Strong Alkalized Kangen water is a type of electrolyzed water with an electron potential containing sodium hydroxide produced by the Cathode. In general, the Ph is over 11.0, and the ORP is -700 MV or less. It is not a strong alkaline substance (it will not burn you).

Did you know that when lightning hits fresh lake water, it is God's own natural Kangen water? Yes, depending on what is in the mix, it could be potable.

Russian and Japanese scientists were intrigued by the healing waters in Lourdes, France. They created the water ionizer and for 23 years Enagic produced large water ionizers for hospitals. In 1997, seeing that there was a huge demand for this ionized water by ex-patients, Hironami Oshiro, the CEO of Enagic, built compact units that would sit on counter-tops, in the homes of the Japanese. In 2006 this company finally made its way to the pacific doorways of British Columbia and California. Presently, there are 1 out of 5 households, in Japan, who have a Kangen water ionizer machines. Hironami Oshiro of Enagic® has started a revolutionary company. Beware of imposter companies that claim that they make Kangen water. We have the right to sell these Machines all over the world. This opportunity is also available to you, we call it a Franchise in a box. Enagic Toronto is currently looking for area sales representatives and area leaders, call or text Colin at 289-696-8304, sales@sunrisemarian.com See more info at the bottom of this article.

The strong Kangen water contains a lot of Hydroxide Ions (OH-)and positive ions, (such as Calcium ions) produced by electrolysis.

Strong Acidic Kangen water is a type of electrolyzed water containing hypochlorous acid produced by the anodes. It is produced by adding electrolysis enhancer (salt solution, which consumed in small quantities is not harmful) to the electrolysis reaction. In general, the Ph is below 2.7, and the ORP is over 1,100 MV. It is not a strong acidic substance (it will not burn your skin). Enagic's Strong Acidic acid is used as a disinfectant in hospitals in Japan. In Japan, this water is used in treating bedsores and gangrene and other skin infections. Because of this feature, this water machine has been elevated to the status of a Medical Apparatus in Japan. We are proud to boast 3 ISO Certificates, ISO 9001 - Proof of licensing of Standard of Quality and Management system; ISO 14001 - Proof of licensing of Environmental Management system and last but certainly not least ISO 13485 - Proof of licensing of Medical Device. We also are very proud of the Water Quality Association Gold Seal, this rating took 2 years of rigorous lab work in the USA, then 2 years of rigorous testing in Japan, 2 more years of testing in the USA and finally the 7th year of texting in Japan. Don't be fooled by copy cat companies that say their ionizers are better than Enagic's. Simply put, they are inferior in every way, although they can be attractive on the outside. We've had several customers who have been fooled by them.

In Japan, over 6500 Doctors endorse this machine. Slowly but surely, Doctors all over the world are endorsing this wonderful Device. We believe that your immune system will love this water as well. Share your stories of recovery with us, in the Review tab, up above by the Video Tab.

Change your water, change your life! Don't hesitate, contact Colin today, text 289-696-8304. We will be very happy to give you a free demonstration and if possible arrange for you to pick up free water for a 3 day trial. We ship water machines worldwide.

Some new features included are:
•Plug and Play - Which means no more switches!
•International Multi-voltage Power Supply, with interchangeable Plug capability which means that you don’t have to worry about voltage differentials in foreign countries harming your machine. This is perfect for professional sports teams that travel.
•10 second automatic cleaning for less downtime and uses less water which extends the life of your filter
•On Screen E-Cleaning Instructions
•Automatic Filter Sensor – No More New Filter Reset! You will know exactly how much life is left in your filter. No more guessing. It will be announced by the LCD, voice prompts, and alarm when it is time to change the filter.The 3 layered, high-powered water-cleaning filter removes matter such as lead, remaining chlorine,effluvium, rust and other impurities.
•Energy saving now with eco-green low input high output
•Auto-off, auto on, smart power saving feature
•Large full color LCD smart touch screen panel
•8 language display and audio

This Machine produces 5 types of water
•strong Kangen Water (11.0pH)
•Kangen Water (8.5, 9.0, 9.5 pH)
•Clean Water (7.0 pH)
•Acidic Beauty Water (6.0 pH)
•Strong Acidic water (2.5 pH) Great for Tonsillitis, sore throat, bed sores, hand sanitizer in a mini spray bottle, and cleaning tooth brushes.

Kangen is a Japanese name which means "Return to God's Origin".

This has been rated the most powerful portable Molecular Hydrogen Device on the Market

Our Distributor/ Sponsor number is 1400612. If you need more information, email us at sales@sunrisemarian.com .

We are an official founding member of the Kangen Prosperity Association (KPA). Contact us about information on how this KPA can benefit your business world-wide. KPA members can save up to 5% on items on our website.We are an Official International Enagic Dealer

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This program will provide: Business training and mentoring advisers. Guidance in developing a business plan or growth plan for your Home based business in a box. Business write offs.

No sign-up fee. No monthly qualifications*. No stocking of inventory. No annual renewal. No time limits. Accumulative sales, no rollbacks. International sponsoring. Pays daily. * No monthly qualifications! However, for the 6A+ awards, some qualifications apply.

Treat yourself today attain this new level hydration at a flip of a switch. It is the most hydrating water.

In 2007 the Scientific world recognized the therapeutic effects of Molecular Hydrogen or also known as H2 gas which is an Anti- Oxidant. They predicted that it would take the Main Stream Media about 10 years before they would release this information out to the General Public.

Microplastics found in 93% of bottled water tested in global study;

The bottled water industry is estimated to be worth nearly $200 billion a year, surpassing sugary sodas as the most popular beverage in many countries. But its perceived image of cleanliness and purity is being challenged by a global investigation that found the water tested is often contaminated with tiny particles of plastic.

"Our love affair with making single-use disposable plastics out of a material that lasts for literally centuries — that's a disconnect, and I think we need to rethink our relationship with that," says Prof. Sherri Mason, a microplastics researcher who carried out the laboratory work at the State University of New York (SUNY).

Mason's team tested 259 bottles of water purchased in nine countries (none were bought in Canada). Though many brands are sold internationally, the water source, manufacturing and bottling process for the same brand can differ by country.

The 11 brands tested include the world's dominant players — Nestle Pure Life, Aquafina, Dasani, Evian, San Pellegrino and Gerolsteiner — as well as major national brands across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Researchers found 93 per cent of all bottles tested contained some sort of microplastic, including polypropylene, polystyrene, nylon and polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

10.4 particles/litre on average

Microplastics are the result of the breakdown of all the plastic waste that makes its way into landfills and oceans. They are also manufactured intentionally, as microbeads used in skin care products. Microbeads are now being phased out in Canada, after significant numbers began to appear in the Great Lakes and the tiny particles were found filling the stomachs of fish.

Anything smaller than five millimetres in size (5,000 microns) is considered microplastic.

Using the Red Nile test, researchers identified tiny particles believed to be microplastics in many bottles of water. (Orb Media)

Orb found on average there were 10.4 particles of plastic per litre that were 100 microns (0.10 mm) or bigger. This is double the level of microplastics in the tap water tested from more than a dozen countries across five continents, examined in a 2017 study by Orb that looked at similar-sized plastics.

Other, smaller particles were also discovered — 314 of them per litre, on average — which some of the experts consulted about the Orb study believe are plastics but cannot definitively identify.

The amount of particles varied from bottle to bottle: while some contained one, others contained thousands.

The purpose of the study was to establish the presence of the plastics in bottled water.

·         Microplastics, other pollutants to be focus of studies funded by Ottawa

It's unclear what the effect of microplastics is on human health, and no previous work has established a maximum safe level of consumption. There are no rules or standards for allowable limits of microplastics in bottled water in Canada, the United States and Europe. Rules and standards for other countries from the study are not known.

Two brands — Nestle and Gerolsteiner — confirmed their own testing showed their water contained microplastics, albeit at much lower levels than what Orb Media is reporting.

Emerging science

Plastics are present nearly everywhere and can take hundreds of years to degrade, if at all. Many types only continue to break down into smaller and smaller particles, until they are not visible to the naked eye.

Plastics have also been known to act like a sponge, and can absorb and release chemicals that could be harmful if consumed by mammals and fish.

"It's not straightforward," said Prof. Max Liboiron of Memorial University in St John's.

"If you've ever had chili or spaghetti and you put it in Tupperware, and you can't scrub the orange colour out, that's a manifestation of how plastics absorb oily chemicals," says Liboiron, director of the Civic Laboratory for Environmental Action Research (CLEAR), which monitors plastic pollution.

The European Food Safety Authority suggests most microplastics will be excreted by the body. But the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has raised concerns about the possibility some particles could be small enough to pass into the bloodstream and organs.

It's not clear how the plastic is getting into the bottled water — whether it's the water source itself or the air or the manufacturing and bottling process.

"Even the simple act of opening the cap could cause plastic to be chipping off the cap," Mason said.

The science behind the test

The water tested was purchased in the U.S., Kenya, China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Lebanon, Mexico and Thailand, and represented a range of brands across several continents. It was shipped to the specialized lab at SUNY in Fredonia, N.Y.

Scientists used Nile Red fluorescent tagging, an emerging method for the rapid identification of microplastics, as the dye binds to plastic. Scientists put the dyed water through a filter and then viewed samples under a microscope.

Our Kangen Water devices by Enagic produce a continuous flow of Molecular hydrogen. These devices only cost penny’s/ day. We sell worldwide. We are looking for hard working people with an Entrepreneurial Spirit to join our team and we will help them with our professional support to get their New Enagic Franchise going.

To purchase go to: http://1401994.kangendemo.com/
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