The Left Hand of God (DVD), Sorry Not available

The Left Hand of God (DVD), Sorry Not available

By Edward Dmytryk
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The first DVD release of this Humphrey Bogart classic, re-mastered in a limited collector's widescreen edition. Set in 1947 civil war-torn China, Bogart plays Jim Carmody, a downed American flier taken prisoner by Chinese warlord Mieh Yang (Lee J. Cobb), who gives the skilled Carmody limited freedom to lead a group of his guards. After witnessing the brutal murder of a missionary priest on his way to a neighboring village, Carmody escapes, using the dead priest's clothes and supplies for his disguised identity. Making his way to the remote village, he is faced with the challenge of acting as the new priest the people were expecting, and how to help the poor villagers in their need. His supposed vows of celibacy are challenged when he falls in love with the attractive mission nurse Anne Scott (Gene Tierney), and ultimately he must deal with the warlord on the hunt for him. The great cast is directed by Edward Dmytryk (The Reluctant Saint), with a beautiful score by Victor Young.

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