Abba My Father (CD)

Abba My Father (CD)

By Marilla Ness
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Product Description


Listen to Marilla Ness as she sings a special tribute to God the Father. Featuring superb tracks like 'The Light In You', 'Peace is Flowing Like a River' and 'What Colour is the Wind', it is an album you will treasure.

List of songs:

1. Alleluia My Father
2. Father In My Life I See
3. Peace Is Flowing Like A River
4. Yahweh Is The God of My Salvation
5. The Light In You
6. I Will Never Forget You My people
7. Fill My House
8. Abba Father
9. Freely
10. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus
11. Jesus How Lovely You Are
12. Our Father
13. Lord Have Mercy
14. What Colour Is The Wind
15. Our God Reigns



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