College Bound Catholic Survival Kit -Save 20%!

College Bound Catholic Survival Kit -Save 20%!

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You pay a lot for your child's college education. But, given the minefield of doubts and different beliefs they'll face on campus, isn't it worth spending just a little bit to ensure that they don't come home and tell you they're now atheists? Of course it is. And with its new College-Bound Catholic Survival Kit Catholic Answers has put together a group of materials that are perfect for the job. And at a very special price!

This is a package for every young person you know who's heading off to a college or university. Here's what you'll give them:

Disorientation: How to Go to College Without Losing Your Mind, a book full of intellectual ammunition for every college student and parent, which breaks down the history, analyzes the appeal, and debunks the empty promises of such wildly popular errors as hedonism, relativism, modernism, radical feminism, and multiculturalism. It includes authors like Jimmy Akin, Mark Shea, Peter Kreeft and others.

How to Stay Catholic in College, the booklet that's helped thousands of young people retain their faith in challenging environments;

Chris Stefanik's new booklet Absolute Relativism, which is guaranteed to help your young adult loved ones cut through the rhetoric and attack the tyranny of relativism at its roots.

And our already world-famous Pure Faith prayer book, designed by Jason Evert to include the perfect prayer for any situation your son or daughter will encounter on campus.

Get the College-Bound Catholic Survival Kit today and save 20% off the normal price!

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