Answering Common Objections CD

Answering Common Objections CD

By Scott Hahn
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Product Description

Scott Hahn Answers the Most Common Objections Facing Catholics Today!

As a former Protestant minister, Dr. Scott Hahn knows all too well the most common objections non-Catholics have to the Catholic Faith. In this classic series, Scott carefully examines the most commonly-held Protestant objections and explains how they originated.

Selective Reading
With Scott’s comprehensive scriptural analysis, you’ll learn how Protestants are often misled because they are taught to focus on certain selective readings of Scripture and private interpretation. As you watch, you’ll see how Dr. Hahn is able to utilize his detailed knowledge of the Bible to show the contextual Scriptural passages that support many of the Catholic doctrines routinely rejected by Protestants. He also shares relevant Church teaching and shows how Catholic dogmas are nothing more or less than the authoritative interpretation of Scripture.

Biblical Witness 
Dr. Hahn shows you how Protestants misunderstand who, and what, the Roman Pontiff is for Catholics.  And he offers exciting ways to help Protestant friends and relatives understand the true nature and function of the papal office.

To approach the veneration of saints from a Biblical perspective, Hahn begins with the Book of Hebrews and the "Old Testament Hall of Fame."  He shows how the saints constitute a "cloud of witness" which hovers over the world giving glory to God and "cheering on" the Christian family on earth.

Scripture and The Mass 
Scott also highlights the specific objections some Protestants have against the Catholic Mass and provides you with key Scripture passages that will help your Protestant friends and relatives understand the true nature of the Eucharist. Dr. Hahn traces the Biblical background of the Eucharist as a sacrifice and as the establishment of the New Covenant.

An Invaluable Resource 
If you need a single resource for answering the various objections that Protestant Christians make to the Catholic Faith, on such issues as the authority of the Pope, the doctrine of Purgatory, devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Saints, and the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist; this classic series has the answers.  Dr. Hahn’s powerful presentations not only provide answers, but are an invaluable tool for sharing the truth of the Catholic Faith. Order now and learn how to start Answering Common Objections.

What You’ll Learn: 
What are the most common non-Catholics objections to Catholicism and how they originated 
How to use the Bible to defend the truth of Catholic teaching 
How to help Protestant friends and family understand the Church’s true teaching regarding the authority of the Pope 
Why calling priests "Father" doesn’t go against Scripture 
How the saints make up a "cloud of witness" which "cheers on" the Christian family on earth 
How Catholics understand the Biblical reality of Our Lord’s teaching on the Eucharist 
Where to find the Scriptural evidence that supports many of the Catholic doctrines routinely rejected by Protestants 
Why, and how, Catholics show devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints 
And much more...

Talks in this set:
Talk 1: The Pope - 62 minutes
Talk 2: Holy Eucharist - 73 minutes
Talk 3: Blessed Virgin Mary - 70 minutes
Talk 4: Confession - 73 minutes
Talk 5: Purgatory - 71 minutes
Talk 6: Saints - 70 minutes
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