SuperFood Plus (Powder), {Mixes Best With Kangen Water}

SuperFood Plus (Powder), {Mixes Best With Kangen Water}

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What it is:

The FINEST whole food, herbal, vitamin and mineral product available ANYWHERE

BLASTS every cell in your body with nutrient-rich organic vitamins and minerals to give you more ENERGY than ever before

Nature’s high-octane SUPER-NUTRITION that ASSIMILATES in seconds

It mixes very well with our reduced clustered Kangen Water, which will alkalize and feed your body at the cellular level.


Herbal Ingredients: Spirulina Algae, Blue-Green Algae, Chlorella Broken-Cell Algae, Barley, Alfalfa & Wheat Grasses, Purple Dulse Seaweed, Beet Root, Spinach Leaf, Acerola Cherry, Rose Hips, Orange & Lemon Peels & Palm Fruit in a base of Dr. Schulze’s Proprietary Non-Fermentable Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast

Kangen is a Japanese name which means "Return to God's Origin".

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