HG-N High-Grade Filter

HG-N High-Grade Filter

Product Code: SRF-HGN

USD $145.00


Product Description


In new innovative efforts, Enagic has produced a brand new filter that can't be duplicated nor multiplied. Unfortunately, our competitors feel that since they lower the price on their imitation filters that they can also lower the quality. Here at Enagic, we care about our customers and want you to remain purified particularly keeping you satisfied with Enagic.

The things customers don't realize when buying a knock-off are that there are no commissions generated, the glue is as cheap as the product causing the filter to burst within the generator, and most importantly, a cheap competitor's filter will invalidate your warranty with Enagic.

Please check your current Filter before placing any orders. Open the Filter door to verify you have a HG-N Filter and not the High Grade Filter. See picture above for reference. If your Filter does not match the picture you may need to order a High Grade Filter.

We are an official founding member of the Kangen Prosperity Association (KPA). Contact us about information on how this KPA can benefit your business world-wide. KPA members can save up to 20% on items on our website.

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