The Gift: Your Call to Greatness Review Pack

The Gift: Your Call to Greatness Review Pack

By Christopher West
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Sunrise Marian Distribution offers you the opportunity to review our faith formation programs before you decide to implement a study.

You may review this for 15 days; if you decide that you're not going to keep this, you may return it at your own expense, as long as it is in resalable condition. If you wish to keep it, we will charge the credit card on file.

This offer to review our materials is a program for priests, religious, DREs, teachers, youth ministers, and others authorized to make purchase decisions for a parish, (arch)diocese or school who are located in the continental United States.

This Starter Pack contains everything a facilitator needs to run The Gift: Your Call to Greatness study including:


•Leader's Guide

• Student Workbook

About The Gift: Your Call to Greatness,

Your Call to Greatness, is a "vision for life" talk, which is intended for those who are new to the Theology of the Body. The message of The Gift is a life-changing experience. You will come to see, perhaps for the first time, who you really are—and what you are called to be. God’s plan for us is stamped right into our bodies, and understanding this plan will give you a new lens through which to see your life, your relationships, and the world around you. In this one-hour talk, Christopher West addresses and answers some of the most fundamental questions of human existence.

In this one-hour talk, Christopher West addresses and answers some of the most fundamental questions of human existence, including:

• What is our “call to greatness” and what is the key to unlocking it?

• What will bring the happiness we all long for?

• What is the “gift” that God desires to give us?

• What is the Theology of the Body?

• Why were we created male and female?

• What is the “spousal meaning” of the body?

• What are our origin, history, and destiny?

• What is the “language of the body”?

• What is the meaning of life? How do we experience it?

Â…and much more.

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ratingratingratingratingratingNumber of Raters: 1   05/19/2015
I am very pleased with my order, and I loved this Review pack! I hope many other people will watch and read this amazing and refreshing Theology of the Body program by Christopher \/\/est. Reviewer: Ralf A. Smith [Drayton Valley , Alberta ]
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