The Traditional Mass for Children (DVD)

The Traditional Mass for Children (DVD)

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The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the central act of Catholic worship. Therefore, it should be well understood and appreciated by all the faithful. Yet it has always seemed a formidable task to explain it, especially to children, because there is so much involved - language, ritual, action, symbolism, vestments, and everything else that goes to make the Traditional Latin Mass a Heaven-inspired ceremony.

Happily, Pro Multis Media has recently discovered a wonderful little book on the subject by Fr. William R. Kelly. Writing in the 1920s, Fr. Kelly possessed a gift for approaching the mind and heart of the child that allowed him to present the sublime mysteries of the Mass in a most appealing way. With simple language and compelling stories, he simplified all necessary explanations to make the Holy Sacrifice better known and better loved by Catholic children.

Now, today's Traditional Catholics will find Fr. Kelly's work presented for their own children and grandchildren on this exclusive DVD presentation. A wonderful introduction to the Traditional Latin Mass for the little ones, adults too, especially those new to the Traditional Mass, will view this enlightening presentation with interest and profit, and only wish they'd seen it when they were children!

Includes all-new live footage of the Traditional Latin Mass. 100% Traditional; Ideal for children preparing for First Holy Communion; Perfect for homeschoolers and religion teachers. Bonus features include presentations on the priest's vestments and an overview of the parts of the Mass and their meaning, plus two "Sing-a-long Songs," I Assist at Mass and Anima Christi. Running Time: 53 minutes including bonus features.

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ratingratingratingratingratingNumber of Raters: 1   12/22/2015
I will write my next review on this DVD I purchased from Sunrise Marian and its described very well in detail. The DVD The Traditional Mass for Children I recommend not just for children but adults as well. The DVD describes The Latin Mass in a Low Mass form on what the Holy Sacrifice means from the way the priest does the concentration of the Eucharist the Altar Server ringing the bells and the prayers being used throughout the Mass. Based on Fr. William Kelly's 1925 book, The Mass for Children. Bonus Features: Father Gets Ready for Holy Mass- an overview of the vestments and their meaning, plus the vessels, altar and tabernacle; To Calvary Through the Mass- shows the devotional connections between the parts of the Mass and Our Blessed Lord's Passion, Death, and Resurrection; Plus Two Sing-a-long Songs- Anima Christi and I Assist at Mass. 53 minutes altogether on the DVD. I rate this DVD a 5 out 5 and it helped me to learn what the Traditional Latin Mass means and why our Lord Jesus Christ died on the Cross for our sins. It describes his Sacrifice in a detail way so that all ages young and old can worship him in a Traditional way. Thanks again Sunrise Marian
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