Kangen UKON (turmeric) Supplement From Enagic/ pack of 100 Capsules

Kangen UKON (turmeric) Supplement From Enagic/ pack of 100 Capsules

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Ask about our Enagic (Kangen Water) Franchise in a box, contact Colin Cell# 289-696-8304, http://www.enagictoronto.com

Ukon (Japanese Okinawan Turmeric) supplement

The world's first soft capsule turmeric supplement organically produced with Kangen Water®.

The $76.00 USD listed above is for 1 box of 100 capsules.

Canadian Price is $760.00 for 10 boxes of 100 capsules, call Colin for more Info.

Made with organic turmeric harvested in Okinawa, Japan

100 capsules per package. As a Dietary supplement, take up to five capsules per day.

Kangen is a Japanese name which means "Return to God's Origin".

To purchase this product, as this website is just a blog, go to http://www.enagic.com/

and search UKON and use Distributor name Colleen Arsenault, her UKON Distributor number is 9036912, her kangen Water Machine Distributor Number is 1400612. Or buy online above.

Serving up to 5 capsules/day; Amount/ serving & % DV; Vitamin C 5 mg = 8%, Vitamin E (as tocototrienol) 36IU 120%, Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 5MG, 333%, Riboflavin (Vitamen B2), 25mg, 1,471%, Niacin 5mg, 25%, Folic Acid 150 mcg, 37%, Tumeric (Root) 600 mg, Natural Tumeric Oil 50 mg, Olice Oil 419.8 mg, Perilla Oil 100 mg, Flaxseed Oil 75 mg, Evening Primrose Oil 50 mg.

Other ingredients; Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate, Hydroxy-propyl Starch, Carrageenan (Seaweed ingredient), SodiumDL-malate. Serving per pack; 42g(content of each tablet 300mg,net weight per tablet 420mg X 100 tablets/ box. Product of Japan.

Enagic® introduces a dietary supplement, Kangen Ukon™ , like none other before. Enriched with high quality essential oils derived from organic Spring Ukon (known as wild turmeric) and carefully distilled at the Enagic® Ukon Factory, our specially-preserved Kangen Ukon™ is your key to proactive health!

Best turmeric supplement: tumeric extract Jarrow curcumin Curcumin is the Brainu2019s Fountain of Youth Infographic u201cCurcumin turns on a key gene signal involved with nerve protection which boosts antioxidant enzymes in the brain and helps to prevent neuro-degeneration.

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If there was only one supplement you would be willing to take for it's health benefits tor your body,than make this the one--- you will not believe the difference this will make to your over-all well being.

Curcumin, a powerful antioxidant, is a component of the curry spice turmeric. In fact, research shows that curcumin has profound protective benefits for the brain. Shield your brain from memory loss with this. #healthy #habit

#curcumin ...the fountain of youth? Kangen Ukon is ORGANIC

The Enagic turmeric factory has been registered as a food facility by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. (Registration number 18161996856)The plant ensures overall safety, approval of quality products, and surveillance of the circulation of food and supplies.

Ask about our Ukon Franchise in a Box, we are currently looking to partner up with Entrepreneurs in 172 Countries. Yes, we are a Global Company, and the compensation package is patented and second to none. Call or Test Colin for more Info. 289-696-8304.



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