Tulsi Chai (Holy Basil Tea)

Tulsi Chai (Holy Basil Tea)

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The daily trials incidental to modern life have a huge impact on every one of us without exception. The grinding slog of a daily commute, pollution, strenuous exercise, poor diet, and a host of other factors all add up to take a large toll on our health. Herbs can help to reduce the negative effects that these things have on the body. Strest™ Tea is one soothingly effective answer to the demands of everyday living. Holy basil - Highly revered in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition as a rasayana , holy basil is an especially effective adaptogen, that is to say, a plant medicine that helps our body’s metabolism to adapt to environmental factors. Herbalists tell us that this plant has a “centering effect” akin to meditation, reducing anxiety and helping a person focus.

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