Mary of Good Success and the Restoration of the Church

Mary of Good Success and the Restoration of the Church

Mary of Good Success and the Restoration of the Church

by Matthew Arnold      Product Code:MOGSRC
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Catholic Apologist Matthew Arnold has written a 52 page booklet that tells the basic facts surrounding the devotion and chronicles the emerging evidence of the "good success" of modern Marian devotion.

Four hundred years ago, Our Lady said that this message would only begin to become widely known at the end of the 20th century. The Blessed Virgin told Mother Mariana that now is the time she desired to be widely known under the title "Mary of Good Success". As this booklet powerfully demonstrates, Mary of Good Success offers a message of hope in Our Lord and hope for His Church in our very difficult times. Catholics around the world need the heavenly encouragement of this Church-approved, Marian message.


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