At Sunrise Marian Distribution we feel that the Blessed Virgin Mary had a lot to do in our decision to start a Catholic Business in 1996. We've placed our business under her protection and mantel.

We've adopted St. Louis de Montfort's saying "The easiest way to Jesus is through Mary", as our motto. Mary is the most powerful intercessor for us in Heaven. When we honor her, we honor her Son. The Blessed Virgin Mary always leads us to her Son Jesus, who is God, and is unchanging. See Catechism # 260, Hebrews 13:8. The trinity is the Catholic doctrine of one God in three persons, who are known as, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. We try to Love the Blessed Virgin Mary the way that God the Son loved her. This wonderful mystery of God in the womb of Mary and taking nutrition from her for nine months is awesome. It's humanly impossible to understand the humility of God the Son. We'll never understand how much he loves us. Please read the Story of Salvation History.

When you pray, ask this Blessed Mother of God for her intercession. She is the most pure vessel that God choose to come to Earth through. O Mary Conceived Without Sin, Pray For Us Who Have Recourse To Thee. St. Joseph, who was Mary's most chaste spouse is also highly respected in our Apostolate. St. Joseph played a very special part in the Holy Family as Stepfather, protector and provider. St. Joseph, Pray For Us! Our goal is to help bring people closer to God and his Holy Catholic Church through trustworthy Books, CDs & DVDs. Please buy the products we sell on our website, which are from honorable Publishers. We thank you very much for supporting our Catholic Apostolate. God bless.