In order to collect, view and use Loyalty Points, you must login or register


Loyalty rewards can be accumulated on every order. For instance, if you purchase a product that is worth $100 (after any sale discounts and before taxes or shipping), you will receive 100 points to use towards your next purchase, or to collect in your account until you have a higher balance from further orders.


100 points = $1
200 points = $2
300 points = $3
500 points = $5
1,000 points = $10
5,000 points = $50
10,000 points = $100

To redeem existing points on a new order:

Once your products are added to the cart, you must go through the Checkout, select Redeem Points when you arrive on the Shipping/Payment screen, then click Continue to Payment.

On the next page, it will ask you if you want to apply all your loyalty rewards, or just some of them. It allows you to enter in a lower amount than what your account holds if you wish.

Then it says "pay remaining amount (of your order) with:" Here you have to choose which payment method you want; If it is VISA or Mastercard, you can select that. (It will also give you the option of using PayPal and going directly to the PayPal screen.) Then "Apply and Continue'.

When using VISA or Mastercard, on the next screen that shows up, choose the little picture of the credit card, and make sure to enter in the full name that appears on the card you are using; the card's Billing Address with your bank must also be the same as the Billing Address you have entered for the order.

You will know your order has been finalized when the "Order Confirmation" screen shows up, and you will be automatically emailed an Order Confirmation for the purchase as well. Please check your spam folder if it is not in your inbox.


1. The loyalty rewards system is open to customers around the world to accumulate and redeem points on completed orders, when registered and logged in to their account.

2. There is no limit to how many points you can collect and store on your account, and they do not currently have an expiry date.

3. Loyalty reward points cannot be traded in for cash value, and must be used only when making purchases through

4. Not applicable with trade and wholesale.

Sunrise Marian Loyalty Points