Exchange Rate Policy

The reason we use USD on our www. Is so that you will always get the very best prices. If we had our site in CAD $, we may not lower the prices as soon as the exchange rate drops, due to the enormous amount of work involved. Please compare our prices to other Canadian websites (with the same products) and you will see what I mean.

So we have a much more fair system for Canadian customers. Most of everything we sell is Manufactured in the USA and we don’t have any say in that. The demand for these products is much higher in the USA, so companies usually manufacture where the demand is higher. It is more cost effective for them.

If for example, a product on is $10.00 USD from Ascension Press, Ignatius Press or any other publisher we wholesale for, we charge you $10.00 USD. You can pay us in USD or CAD, whichever is better for you. If you buy online, it is automatically in USD.

If you pay us in CAD $, say with a credit card or cheque, then you would have to pay the exchange rate. Today April 18/ 18, the exchange rate factor that the banks use is about 1.29. So you would have to pay $12.90 CAD plus tax for that Item today.

Our end prices float with the Exchange rate. You can’t get a fairer system than that. There is no way to escape paying the exchange rate difference.

We always have to pay the exchange rate factor for everything that we buy from the USA, so it becomes part of the cost of that product. We don’t like the exchange rate difference, but it is out of our control. There is nothing we can do about it.

We absorb all import fees for you saving you an additional 15 to 20 %.

We can match or beat everyone’s prices.

Basically our prices are as low as we can make them. If we go lower, we’ll be giving everything away.

Can you imagine the confusion that Europeans must have had, before they came up with the Euro. So as long as Canada and the USA have separate currencies, we’ll have exchange rate currency factors to complicate our trade for Canadian customers.

Please share this explanation with your friends. Were sorry for the confusion, but we discerned that the most fair pricing system for our Canadian and International customers, was to price in USD, using the Suggested retail prices that the manufacturers use.

We hope that this explanation makes sense. Please trust that we always give our customers the very best prices possible. We treat our customers the way we like to be treated. We work hard at being Catholic 24/7.

All items on the website are sold in US dollars and will be shown as such and converted on your credit card statement.

By shopping through you will save the import shipping and brokerage cost of your goods coming into Canada. Sunrise Marian Distribution will absorb these costs and will not pass them onto you. This in itself will save you at least 20% off your final cost, compared to ordering directly from the U.S.A.

Give us a try!

May God bless all who read this policy!